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Welcome to Devin Beresford’s site. Life is a wonderful gift, full of precious memories that should never be forgotten. Now Devin's memories can be shared so that you too can enjoy them forever.  Devin I Love you so much.  Your everloving father. We lost Devin on Monday April 23rd, 2007
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Its been 13 years   / Brian Beresford (Father)
Devin:Now where does the time go????? sometimes it seems like you were sitting next to me having a beer and i could hear your laugher.  Now that's something I miss is hearing you laugh.  I often wonder if you were still alive how many kids ...  Continue >>
Last of a dying breed   / Jon (Brother)
It's been a while since I've posted on here. I tried to let the past go and find new friends but the problem is new friends all have friends they've known as long as I've known you. Having a newcomer is like tolerating a person for a limited time. Pe...  Continue >>
Back in Seattle   / Brian K. Beresford (Dad)

Kelly and I moved back to Seattle last year and its been a good change for me and her, your sister Breanne and her kids and for Kelly’s family and kids. Its great to be in everyone’s life again and share our time. My heart still hea...  Continue >>
H-bday  / BRAIN Beresford
Please give Kelly's Mom a huge
H-Bday  / Brian K. Beresford (Dad)

Happy B-day to you today XOXO
Happy New Year 2010  / Brian &. Kelly Beresford (Dad and Stepmom )    Read >>
Aunt Maureen  / Brian &. Kelly Beresford (Father)    Read >>
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Special Memories
kellys Poem to Brian at the Wedding (devin approved of kelly before he passed)  
‘Twas two days before New Years, up in the Northwest
Chosen instead of Texas, we thought it was best;

The invites were picked with cowboys in mind
And sent out to all of you, hopefully, on time;

Myers? Beresford? Texas? No way!
She found her a man. He didn’t run away!

Brian’s getting married- I guess it’s cold in hell.
How did they meet and who is this Kell?

The Bear met Miss Kelly in 1993
At big brother Wayne’s Hungry Belly Deli;

It was during this time that Brian gave his support
Kelly was his Queen, he was really a sport;

Both Kelly and Brian were both newly separated
Neither of them, as adults, rarely dated;

While Kelly was pregnant she watched from his couch,
He computed data and wasn’t a slouch;

What exactly do you do? She asked with a stare,
His computer screen looked like kids scribbled on there!

“I inspect metal vessels using my computer as a tool,
I interpret this data and report it, isn’t it cool?”

Hmmmm, Whatever, I didn’t understand,
I’d have to do some research to stay around this man;

That year at the Super Bowl, the Chargers did play,
Bear invited the kids and I to his family partay!

We passed around Sarah, the boys played Ninja Turtles,
Breanne was all giggly with all of the Beresford girls;

Come with me to Canada Brian asked, they’ve got work!,
I can’t leave Seattle! I said, feeling like a jerk.

He went to Alberta and I taught at school,
We both started lives that seemed very cool;

Over time we asked Wayne, How’s Brian? How’s Kelly?
The answers were always the same…really;

Many years later after divorce number two,
I thought about Brian…What did he do?

I called Lynn and Wayne and they gave me his number.
What would I say? I didn’t want to blunder!

A message was left on his phone just for fun,
As soon as I hung up I thought, “What have I done!?!”

Sure enough the call was returned with a smile,
He said, “Hey Good Lookin’ I haven’t heard from you in a while!”

So now our reunion was in the making,
But Brian’s cold feet weren’t there for the taking;

After many cancelled meetings reservations were made,
To hunt down Brian and see if we had sparks to trade;

With plane fare and rental car to Wyoming I went,
One day before Brian all motel rooms were lent;

So over to the Wal-Mart parking lot I plunked
To sleep in my car with my legs in the trunk!

We met at Days Inn, his hands just a flapping,
I hugged and I kissed him, then we started yapping.

The spark was still there, right there by his mouth
To be a couple I’d have to move south;

My kids did not want to move from Seattle,
If I made them move I knew it would be a battle.

My house sold, I packed, quit my job and prepared,
To Texas we drove, the length that it took I hadn’t cared.

We bought a home in Crosby, Texas, of course,
Green trees, a river, two dogs—no horse!

And by the way, I finally figured it out!
I know what Brian’s work is about!

I googled his name and read his new paper
Apparently he was into a NDT caper;

After proposing to me Brian called all his sisters and brothers,
He let them know I’d said yes, there’d be no others;

It’s been rough since last year in April when we lost Devin,
but we’re sure that he is definitely in heaven.

With the loss of our Devin we felt it was best
To marry in Texas, in Crosby, for less stress.

Devin was part of the engagement team,
He gave his approval and helped shop for the ring.

We decided to honor the date,
That was originally decided by us to celebrate

So as we are gathered here today,
Please enjoy yourself as we celebrate getting’ hitched the Texan way!!!

Eulogy For Devin in Houston  
In spring 1996 a 10 year old boy walked up to the plate. He was wearing number 27, the number of his favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr... His team was behind and needed some runs to win the game. It is hard to imagine that at 10 years of age, a coach would be thinking in terms of sending in a Big Bat. That was what #27 was. Of course, at this age, the opposing teams don’t do any competitive scouting…. their hands are full teaching basics… and they know the other team is as well.

So the coaches did not tell their players to “back-up”, after all, at 10 years of age, no one could hardly hit it out of the infield, much less make an outfielder run.

But the coach knew what he needed and he knew what he was doing. Only a few others knew too. As the pitcher threw the pitch, he was more worried about getting hit with THE BALL, THAN SOMEONE ONE hitting HIS PITCH. The sound he heard was familiar, just not in this park. After all, this was little league, not the major leagues. But as the pitcher turned, together with every other player, coach and eager parent, he was dismayed. No player at that age had ever been known to have hit an out-of-the-park homerun. He was just shocked, knowing the power and finesse needed to hit a ball that far.

While people did a retake, the young boy, his constant smile now even bigger, began to run the bases. By the time the crowd realized what had happened, he was past 1st base, not sure himself where the ball was going to land. When it was over the fence, pandemonium broke out – little league style. Even the opposing fans had to clap for this single achievement. As he rounded third base and headed for home, his hands began to shake… chest high…. elbows raised… and a little to his side.... Everyone knew his smile was contagious, but the hand thing, well that had to be genetic. While his hands were twitching in excitement… all others hands were clapping in amazement.

The team won and danced on the sides in delight. Days like this are why all of them played baseball.

Of course, some first thought it was luck, but after a few more games, the young boy was declared BOOM BOOM BERESFORD, the hitting sensation of Sammamish.

….. some called him Boom Boom… some called him Big D, Dev or Devy, others called him DKB II. We all knew him as Devin.

My name is Kevin Beresford, Devin’s uncle and brother to his father Brian. This is just a small part of the Story of a Life. Regrettably it was a short life. But it is not a story that one person can tell, not even an uncle. To tell the story of Devin will take many in this room. So I will lay a foundation only, conveying some basic information… and perhaps rounding out your knowledge of Devin. I hope that I also add perspective. But what I share will be a beginning and entirely incomplete. For Devin’s story is not merely a matter of dates and schools and favorite things, though I will share these things with you.
The true essence and real significance of Devin’s life… and really every life …. is told, understood, valued and appreciated only in the context of his life in relationship to the lives of others. So later, we will provide a time for any of you…. maybe even all of you, to add a chapter, or maybe only a verse. When this time comes, we will begin with the direct family, then the broader family and then to the friends coworkers and others. So consider the portion that you will share with us.

Devin Kenneth Beresford was born May 18, 1986 in Tacoma, Washington, the third child of Brian Kenneth Beresford and his wife, Michelle Farris. He had two older sisters, Breanne and her twin Shawna, who died shortly after birth. Devin and Breanne were close in age, being separated by only 16 months. Besides being close in age, they were very close their entire life.

Devin grew up surrounded by family, with his grandparents, aunts and uncles from both sides living nearby, together with his cousins. His early enjoyment of such a broad family life caused him to love family above all things.

When Devin was 1, the family moved from their Kent home to Maple Valley, where they lived for three years. Desiring a little more open space, Brain and Michelle moved the family to Enumclaw, where they had an acre of land, a view of Mt Rainer and to Devin and Breanne’s great delight… chickens. Devin enjoyed steering the riding lawn mower, chasing the chickens, gathering eggs and cooking them up.

Some of his favorite things were
• Favorite Song – Love and Happiness, by Al Green
• Favorite Food – King Crab, Carne Asada,
• Dream Car – 1986 Impala Super Sport
• Favorite Video Game – Grand Theft Auto, Halo
• Favorite Movie – Goodfellas,
• Best Trip – Disneyland & Hawaii 1988
• Favorite Sport & Player – Boxing, Mike Tyson
• Favorite Outdoor Activity – Baseball, fishing,
• Favorite Candy – Reese’s pieces
• Favorite Snack – sabritones
• Favorite shows – Trailer Park Boys (Canadian)
• Hobbies – video games, music

In a journal that Devin kept during a period of Nov 03 to Feb 04, when he was 17, he wrote that the earliest memory he had was when he went with his family to Hawaii, where they did many fun things, including going to Disneyland. He was 3 or 4 years old.

In 1993, Brian and Michelle separated and later divorced. They had shared custody of the children.

An entry in his journal stated that one of his happiest memories was when his Dad would fly to Seattle from Canada to see him and his sister.

When his mother remarried, Devin moved with his siblings to Sammamish where his family grew to include Billy, his step father and three younger brothers, Garret, Anthony and Alex.

Devin attended Margaret Mead Elementary School, Inglewood Jr High School and Eastlake High School.

Devin’s high school days were troubled days. Like too many of our youth, he was caught up in alcohol and later drugs under the guise of FUN. He admitted later that this ruined his schooling and spoiled the relationship with his family. School lost meaning and he had no goals. I quote’ “The worst consequence from using was loosing the trust from my family.”

On November 7, 2003, at the age of 17, Devin entered an inpatient recovery program called Starting Point. He wrote that his goals were to
• Focus on his future
• Stay committed
• Develop a relapse prevention plan
• Be positive
• Drop all negativity and all negative people
• Get out of the area
• Loose his old friends
• Find new positive friends
• Start new activities
• Earn the trust and respect of my family
• Get high school diploma
• Get a job
• Get a car
• Learn to save money
• Be healthy
• Avoid all legal problems

He was asked to describe his mother and his relationship with her. This is what he wrote:
“My mother is loving, caring, understanding and easy to talk to. My Mom and I have a great relationship. We get along great. We never get into arguments. We talk about our day’s events and laugh a lot. “
About his Dad he wrote,
“Me and my Dad get along good and I talk to him everyday.”
Regarding his parents he wrote
“My parents are loving, caring and understanding. They have always been there for me.”
About his siblings, he wrote,
“I have a great relationship with all of my brothers and sister.” He made particular mention of how close he had drawn to his sister Breanne.

On Feb 17, 2004 Devin was awarded a certificate of completion. In a letter to Devin his counselor commended Devin on many things. This included,
• his immediate engagement in the process,
• his honesty,
• he never complained… not even once,
• he set an example for his peers that was a huge bonus to them and the program
• He had a great smile and gentle temperament
• He never once asked "how many days to I have before I can get out of here."

So Devin moved to Houston, and though not every goal was achieved, let me detail the ones that were, though I am sure there were others not so apparent to us.
• He left the area
• He left the troubling friends who were not supportive of the goals he had set.
• Got a job and worked hard and faithfully for two years, increasing his knowledge in his field
• He bought his first car, a car he was proud of, and made the payments faithfully.
• He started a 401K AND an IRA
• Had no legal problems ????
• He developed a close knit group of friends that became a secondary family, especially during his trips.

What would Devin have said if he knew he was to leave us? What would his parting words be? We do not have such a letter, but we can glean things from our knowledge of him, from what he wrote on paper, what he engraved in our hearts, and what was reported by his friends.
• I am sorry for trouble I have caused
• My family was always my joy and I always felt loved
• My family was so supportive of me
• Thank you to my coworkers, who became my friends
• Love your family, love your children, treasure them,
• Drop the negativity in your life, flee negative friends. Be positive

So, I had the honor of beginning this story. I hope it has stimulated your memories over the grief that has stricken your hearts. So it is time to let others complete the story. We would like to begin with the direct family; Mom and Dad, Devin’s step dad, grandparents and siblings, not necessarily in that order. Then we will ask aunts uncles and cousins to share at which time we will open it up to friends and coworkers.

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